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Frequently Asked Questions:

What areas do you serve?

We serve all areas in Las Vegas, including Henderson, North Las Vegas, and Summerlin.

What types of items will you remove?

We will remove any junk that you have - from trash, old appliances, etc. We DO NOT remove toxic items or chemicals!

What will you do with the junk that you remove?

We recycle all of our metal and plastic disposals to Trash Republic Services where they will properly discard it.

Will your junk removers show up on time for my service?

Definitely, we will approve your time frame scheduled to ensure the best customer service.

Do I have to do any heavy lifting myself?

Of course not! That is why we are here! Our team will take care of your junk. Please have any appliance(s) disconnected prior to us taking it. Failure to do so will result in cancellation.

Will your junk removal company throw all of my things away?

Items that can be recycled will be recycled by our team. Everything else that is considered trash will be taken to Republic Services for disposal.

What do I do with the items that I do not want to keep, but do not want to throw away?

We recommend donating those items to non-profit charities that can help people benefit from them. You can also look into consignment shops and auctions if you are interested in selling them.

Do I need to make parking available for your truck(s)?

Yes. If you live in apartments, however, we will charge an additional fee. This will be discussed during confirming your service.

What happens if something gets damaged while your staff is removing my junk?

We strive to ensure that this will never happen. Prior to removing junk, we will conduct a survey of your home for any potential damages. We then would ask of you to move or remove any of these items that can block our team's way of doing your service.

Do I need to move my junk to a particular spot for your team to pick up?

No, we will not ask of you to do anything as long as the items are accessible for our team to remove it themselves.

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